Chapter 12

The Way Forward

The aim of this book has been to give you an understanding of Positive Manager Behaviour, as derived from our research, and how it might be applied in organizations. This final chapter aims to orientate you in terms of where you are now and how you might use the Positive Manager Behaviour framework in your own organization/practice. It takes a step-by-step approach as follows:

  • Working out where you are now
  • Starting out – understanding Positive Manager Behaviour and how it might be useful
  • Deciding how to use Positive Manager Behaviour
  • Gaining buy-in
  • Applying Positive Manager Behaviour
  • Achieving sustainable impact

Where are you Now?

Figure 12.1 sets out the step-by-step approach we suggest, providing a process that you may want to follow in order to apply Positive Manager Behaviour in an organization. You may be some way through the process already, in which case the flow chart may help you situate yourself at a point along the journey and clarify your next steps. It also provides some key questions for each stage.

Figure 12.1 Where are you now?


Starting Out – Understanding Positive Manager Behaviour and How It Might Be Useful

The fact that you are reading this book means that you are at least in the first box of Figure 12.1: you have started to explore Positive Manager Behaviour and perhaps considered its usefulness. Hopefully, Chapters 5, 6, 7 and ...

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