Chapter 1. Getting Started with Prezi

Welcome to a new way of presenting. Hopefully Prezi can inspire you to think differently about your next presentation. Prezi can take your slide-driven talks in a whole new direction. Part of the appeal of Prezi is its totally unique way of presenting ideas. But it's more than that: It's a way to free yourself from the boundaries of time and space. Does that sound magical? I hope so. Your journey into Prezi will be exciting.

Unlike more conventional presentation applications, Prezi gives you the tools to work in several dimensions at once to wow a formerly bored audience. When you see how to traverse layers and zoom around, you'll see what I mean.

In this chapter, I introduce you to a new presentation paradigm. And the price is right. You can start with the free version and decide where to go from there. Prezi is also hosted online so everything is just a little bit easier. The key to getting comfortable with Prezi is to jump right in and experiment.

Evolving Presentations

If you were unlucky enough to attend a business presentation before the mid-1980s, you saw a person standing in the front of the room, clicking through 35mm slides in a carousel or you saw a person slapping transparencies on an overhead projector.

Unfortunately, these presentations usually required a darkened room, which was a recipe for disaster. When ...

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