Chapter 13. Displaying Your Hobbies and Special Events with Prezi

In this chapter, I show you how to use Prezi in ways you may not have thought of before. Hobbies, vacations, club presentations, and more can be made memorable when you use Prezi to communicate your interests. As a digital storytelling tool, Prezi helps you share the fun with family and friends. It creates a permanent record for you to look back on.

The use of text, colors, multimedia, and everyday items can make your collections even more spectacular. When you try using Prezi for more than just business presentations, you'll be hooked.

Exploring Some Uses of the Digital Canvas

Think about Prezi's digital canvas as a big display board for your collections. Or it can be a communication tool to share your favorite events. Don't think individual slides. You aren't limited by anything except your imagination. Here are some of the possible new uses of Prezi:

  • Scrapbooks: Prezi allows you to take scrapbook pages that you've already created and make them come alive! Or you can start from scratch and make a completely new digital scrapbook presentation.

    Anything you use for your regular scrapbooking can be used in Prezi. You just have to digitize original artwork, or you can photograph an element like a ribbon or a stamp and then place that image in your prezi. Digital scrapbooking ...

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