Customers’ Delight:
Discovering the Value
y three-year-old grandniece was jumping up and down when
she suddenly stopped and said, “My hair’s flopping!” I couldnt
help but laugh at her excitement over her discovery.
Fortunately, the thrill of discovery doesnt wane with age. In Oc-
tober 2008, the news media reported that the bar-tailed godwit (a bird)
flies 7,200 miles across the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to New Zealand
nonstop. The trip takes more than eight days. It was a hot topic for days
as people shared this amazing story with one another.
Its this excitement, this need to share a discovery, that you want
your customers to experience. How do we accomplish this feat? Stop
telling them how great your offerings are. Stop telling them what chumps
theyd be for passing up this great opportunity. Instead, lead them
through a journey of discovery.
The Power of Discovery
There’s a reason why sales training courses teach salespeople how to ask
questions. Actually, there are several reasons:
1. We don’t like being told what to do. The desire for independence
surfaces around age two and grows with age and experience.
2. We dont trust others very easily. Skepticism is our defense
against those who would take advantage of us.
3. What we discover is more memorable. Plus, as with the godwit
story above, it triggers a desire to share our discovery.

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