Executive Summary
1. People resist being told things; they’d much rather figure them
out on their own. Thats why its essential that you lead them
on a journey of discovery – discovery of the value you provide
and the joy it affords.
2. Regardless of what value proposition you use, your prospects
need to discover what they value and the intensity with which
they value it. The higher the intensity, the greater the value.
3. You can typically get a sense for what a prospect values – image,
innovation, or time savings - within the first two minutes of a
sales call.
4. If your value proposition doesnt match the prospects’ inter-
ests, exit quickly and gracefully.
5. Saying to a prospect, “I’m not sure that (my offering) is right
for you?,” when its true, gains you tremendous respect and
credibility and often leads to referrals.
6. When you’re selling image, pay attention to details like what
your prospects are wearing, where they live, what theyre driv-
ing, and where their kids go to school. All of these are indica-
tors of how important image is to them.
7. If you’re selling innovation, remember that buyers will pay
more to satisfy their childlike curiosity and wow their friends
and colleagues than they will to enhance their income stream.
8. When selling time savings to the retail market, remember that
buyers will typically pay two to three times more to get recre-
ation time than they will for the opportunity to make more
9. If you’re selling business to business, the real value of time sav-
ings doesnt lie in the ability to make more money, but in the
psychic rewards in the use of that money.
10. Know what value proposition your business prospects use in
selling to their customers. Sellers reflect their buying prefer-
ences. Knowing what your prospect values helps you determine
whether or not theyre likely to be interested in your offering.
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