Icing on the Cake:
Bundling for Greater Profits
hen you saw the word icing,” what did it conjure up? Was it
sinfully delicious dark chocolate on yellow cake? Tantalizing
banana icing on banana cake? How about a silky cream cheese
icing on carrot cake? Or was it the icing on Aunt Ethels third cousins
grandniece’s wedding cake that you swore ate half the enamel off your
teeth with the first bite?
All of us enjoy a sweet deal, but just like icing on a cake it can be
overdone. Bundling is a delicate blend of ingredients that:
Sweetens the deal for your customers.
Increases your average sale.
Boosts your employees’ productivity.
Reduces your risks.
For those of you who may not be familiar with the term bundling,”
a bundle is a group of products and/or services designed to make your
offerings more attractive to your customers and more profitable for you.
Bundling is the process of creating those groups of offerings.
What Bundling Can Do for Your Business
Before we embark on creating bundles and gathering ingredients for
those bundles, lets see what bundling can do for your customers, your
average sale, your employee’s productivity, and you in minimizing the in-

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