some socks will probably buy a few pair just to be sure. The
woman who needs three pieces to make six outfits for budget
purposes will buy bundles that help her meet that goal. People
who want to be true to the image of the person for whom
theyre buying will buy a set, especially if they think that per-
son lacks fashion sense.
My employees’ productivity will go up because they will be
generating more sales dollars per customer.
I will reduce my return risk by creating bundles that produce
the look my customers are seeking.
6. What script(s) would I use to communicate these benefits to my
If you love to shop and have the time, take your time and en-
joy the experience, but if you’re in a hurry and dont have a lot
of time to figure out what works and what doesnt, weve cre-
ated some stunning ensembles to fit your lifestyle.
Buying for someone else? We know how challenging that can
be, so weve arranged our store around different lifestyles and
body styles to help you get just the right outfit for that spe-
cial person.
If you’re like me (its always good to let your customers see
that you suffer the same challenges they do) and you dont re-
member colors well, dont take a chance that your shirts and
ties match this new suit. Pick from any number of ensembles
we have created to help convey your personal image and style.
Computer Example
You’re Steve Jobs (dont you wish). Here’s the situation you face:
1. Everyone who uses your computers raves about them. They
wont use your competitor’s product again unless they simply
dont have a choice.
2. Your computer is one of the most stylish machines available.
3. You’ve solved some of the software availability problems by al-
lowing your machines to run both your and your competitor’s
operating systems.
116 Pricing for Profit
4. Your company is noted for innovation—not just for its com-
puters, but for all of its offerings.
5. Despite all of these pluses, you still only have a small percent-
age of the computer market.
What can you do about it? Can bundling help you in this situa-
tion? Lets use our questions to see what you, Steve Jobs, could do to in-
crease sales. Record your thoughts below beneath each question.
1. What are some of the challenges computer buyers face?
2. Can bundling help them overcome these challenges?
3. What could I bundle together to make life easier for my
4. What benefits would they gain from these bundles?
5. What benefits would I gain from these bundles?
6. What script(s) would I use to communicate these benefits to
my customers?
Icing on the Cake: Bundling for Greater Profits 117
Here are some thoughts I had regarding these questions:
1. What are some of the challenges computer buyers face?
They dont understand the lingo. They wouldnt know a duo
core processor if it bit them. Yet we’re asking them to choose
between a duo core and a quad core processor. They dont know
how much memory they need, what megahertz speed they
need, or what software will or will not run on your operating
The confusion outlined above causes buyers to forget, or
overlook, what it is that theyre really trying to accomplish
with their computer. Lacking a clear goal for making the pur-
chase, they often choose the wrong solution.
Many personal computer users would like to change to your
computer, if for no other reason than to avoid the virus and
spy attacks they experience with PCs. The problem is that they
dont want to learn a new operating system. Either they dont
feel that they have the time or theyd rather use their time in
other ways.
2. Can bundling help them overcome these challenges?
There are several options available to you:
Bundling according to budget limitations is one way. You
could offer one model that has basic functionality, a second
model with some bells and whistles, and the innovator’s delight
—the model that has every feature imaginable.
You could also bundle by stage of life:
(a) You could have a version for small children that has age-
appropriate games, movies, and music—all designed to
tap into the childs natural curiosity and engender a love
of learning.
(b) Another version could target older students who have pa-
pers to write as well as a burning desire to stay connected
with their friends. The Internet with its research capabil-
ities and email and voice mail availability would be the
essential elements of this package.
(c) Business owners and career professionals have yet other
needs. They need productivity tools including CRM (cus-
tomer relationship management) software, mobile con-
tact capabilities, performance measurement tools, etc.
118 Pricing for Profit

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