Chapter 1

So What’s a Project Method and Why Do I Need to Use One?

In This Chapter

Exploring what a project method is and how it works

Establishing how PRINCE2 can help you run a project successfully

Knowing what a method’s about – and that using one isn’t difficult

Explaining how PRINCE2 gets a bad name when used wrongly

You must have seen newspaper reports of projects that have gone wrong, resulting in a waste of money, lost opportunities and disappointed people. The big question is: ‘Do projects have to be like this?’ The short answer is a resounding, ‘NO!’ That’s a pretty bold statement given the scale and complexity of some projects. But the fact remains that the underlying causes of project failure are generally very well known – and, interestingly, so are strategies to prevent those problems and to help plan and control projects more effectively.

Now if only somebody would get all that information together from the huge pool of experience of planning and controlling projects. If only they’d package it up in a form that’s really usable and walk you through a project in a way that avoids the known pitfalls and builds in things that are really useful to help you, based on those years of experience of what works and what doesn’t work. If only. Well, read on – because between the covers of this book is some extremely good news for you.

Chapter 2 explains the overall structure of PRINCE2 but this chapter gives some context and looks at why a method such as PRINCE2 can be a very ...

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