Chapter 8

Building the Deliverables

In This Chapter

Getting a work assignment and checking it out

Building project products and getting them tested and approved

Checking and reporting on progress

Checking the acceptances and handing over completed work

This chapter is going to be short. Conceptually it is by far the easiest part of PRINCE2 and the process is the simplest of the seven, but strangely this is where the huge majority of the project’s work is done. The process covers the work of Team Managers in building products during the delivery stages and getting them tested, approved and handed back.

Understanding the Process Managing Product Delivery

If you’re reading the book in chapter order, you’ve just finished Chapter 7 covering the work of the Project Manager in controlling the stage and you’ve read about three activities to control the work assignments, or Work Packages, given to Team Managers. Those activities were to give out a Work Package, check progress as the products are built, and then receive the products back when they’re finished. The process Managing Product Delivery is simply the mirror image of those three activities, reflecting the Team Manager’s perspective. Only three activities are here and those are to receive the Work Package, build the products and then hand them back when the whole Work Package is completed. Mind-blowing in complexity, isn’t it?

As with the other chapters about processes, the process diagram, shown in Figure 8-1, comes first and ...

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