Appendix B

Glossary of the Main PRINCE2 Terms

Acceptance Criteria. Set down in the Project Product Description, these are measurable factors used to decide whether or not to accept the project. This sounds strict, and sometimes it is, to the point of being the base of a legal contract. But in many cases you don’t refuse the project because it doesn’t meet some criteria, but you must certainly discuss these criteria. Please see Chapter 14 for more on the whole area of product planning and the Project Product Description.

Activity. Something you do on the project which is recorded in the activity plans. But activities are also the name given to the list of suggested things you do in each of the seven PRINCE2 Processes.

Activity Plans. These plans show what activities you need to build the products. PRINCE2 doesn’t specify what techniques you use for activity planning, but most people use activity networks and Gantt charts. You do activity planning at all three levels of planning detail in PRINCE2 – project, stage, and team plans.

Administrator. A role in a Quality Review. This person helps set up the review meeting and then keeps notes of any errors found in the product under review.

Approval. This is an acceptance of a product (deliverable) that may in turn authorise action. For example, when the Project Board approves a Stage Plan, it is giving the Project Manager permission to start work on the next Management Stage on the basis of that plan. Specialist products must be approved ...

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