The IDEF1X notation

IDEF1X, shown in Figure A.5, is one of the family of ICAM Definition Languages (IDEF).ICAM is short for Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing, an initiative managed by the US Air Force. IDEF1X is a data modelling language there was an IDEF1, an information modelling language, but this was extended and renamed as IDEF1X. Amongst the other IDEF languages are IDEF0, a functional modelling language; IDEF2, a dynamics modelling language; and IDEF3, a process or work flow modelling language. IDEF1X is now a US Federal standard and the language has become very widely used both within the US and internationally. IDEF1X is a very rich notation, encompassing many different facets of the basic entity, attribute and relationship concepts. ...

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