Review Questions

    1. a. What is negligence?

    2. Explain the four elements of negligence.

  1. What is the meaning of strict liability?

  2. Explain the following types of damages:

    1. Compensatory damages (special damages and general damages)

    2. Punitive damages

  3. Describe the following legal defenses that can be used by defendants who are accused of negligence:

    1. Contributory negligence

    2. Comparative negligence

    3. Last clear chance rule

    4. Assumption of risk doctrine

  4. Explain the meaning of imputed negligence.

  5. Explain the meaning of res ipsa loquitur.

  6. Briefly describe the standard of care to protect others from harm for each of the following liability situations:

    1. Property owners

    2. An attractive nuisance

    3. Owners and operators of automobiles

    4. Governmental units and charitable institutions ...

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