Appendix D

Semiconductor letter symbols


Ccb, Cce, Ceb Inter-terminal capacitance (collector-to-base, collector-to-emitter, emitter-to-base).

Cibo, Cieo Open-circuit input capacitance (common-base, common-emitter).

Cibs, Cieo Short-circuit input capacitance (common-base, common-emitter).

Cobo, Coeo Open-circuit output capacitance (common-base, common-emitter).

Cobs, Coes Short-circuit output capacitance (common-base, common-emitter).

Crbs, Cres Short-circuit reverse transfer capacitance (common-base, common-emitter).

Ctc, Cte Depletion-layer capacitance (collector, emitter).

fhfb, hfe Small-signal short-circuit forward current transfer ratio cut-off frequency (common-base, common-emitter).

fmax Maximum frequency of oscillation.

fT Transition frequency ...

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