Cumulative Table of Cases

Adams v. Commissioner, §§ 5.11, 5.15(g)

Addis v. Commissioner, §§ 5.5(b), 16.2

Addison H. Gibson Foundation, The v. United States, § 9.3(g)

Airlie Foundation v. IRS, § 11.1(b)

Altera Corp and Subsidiaries v. Commissioner, § 18.9(i)

Alumni Association of the University of Oregon, Inc. v. Commissioner, § 11.2(a)

Amerada Hess Corp. v. Commissioner, § 6.3(d)

American Academy of Family Physicians v. United States, § 11.1(b)

American Campaign Academy v. Commissioner, §§ 5.1, 5.2, 15.3(b)

American Science Foundation v. Commissioner, § 2.5(d)

Ann Jackson Family Foundation v. Commissioner, §§ 6.1, 6.4(a), 6.8, 10.3(g)

Applestein Foundation Trust v. Commissioner, § 5.15(g)

Auen v. United States, § 10.0

Averyt v. Commissioner, § 14.6(b)

Balso Foundation v. United States, § 10.3(i)

Barth Foundation, The v. Commissioner, § 5.15(g)

Basic Bible Church of America, Auxiliary Chapter 11004 v. Commissioner, § 2.5(d)

Basic Unit Ministry of Alma Karl Schurig, The v. United States, § 2.5(d)

Beal Foundation v. United States, § 10.4(a)

Beiner, Inc. v. Commissioner, § 5.6(c)

Beneficial Foundation, Inc. v. United States, § 9.3(e)

Better Business Bureau v. United States, §§ 1.8, 11.1(b)

B.H.W. Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. v. Commissioner, § 5.6(c)

Bingler v. Johnson, § 9.3

Blake v. Commissioner, § 18.5

Bob Jones University v. United States, § 15.3(b)

Bolles v. Commissioner, § 6.3(c)

Boltar, LLC v. Commissioner, § 5.6(c)

Bubbling Well Church of Universal Love, Inc. v. Commissioner ...

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