Routledge explorations in economic history

Edited by Lars Magnusson

Uppsala University, Sweden

1  Economic Ideas and Government Policy

Contributions to contemporary economic history

Sir Alec Cairncross

2  The Organization of Labour Markets

Modernity, culture and governance in Germany, Sweden, Britain and Japan

Bo Stråth

3  Currency Convertibility

The gold standard and beyond

Edited by Jorge Braga de Macedo, Barry Eichengreen and Jaime Reis

4  Britain’s Place in the World

A historical enquiry into import controls 1945–1960

Alan S. Milward and George Brennan

5  France and the International Economy

From Vichy to the Treaty of Rome

Frances M.B. Lynch

6  Monetary Standards and Exchange Rates

M.C. Marcuzzo, L. Officer and A. Rosselli

7  Production ...

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