Image A

Android Native Development Kit (NDK), 33, 73

Android devices and architectures, 35

Application Binary Interfaces, 35

ARM assembly code, 7374

ARM instructions, 8796

ARM NEON registers, 9697

C extensions, 98

built-in functions, 99

vector instructions, 99103

C/C++, performance improvements, 53

ARM assembly code, 5455

Dalvik bytecode, 54

Fibonacci.computeIterativelyFaster() method, 53

iterativeFaster() implementations, 5657

JNI glue layer (see JNI glue layer)

test and compare, 5556

color conversion, 79, 82

ARMv5 Assembly code (ARM Mode), 80

ARMv5 Assembly code (Thumb Mode), 80

ARMv7 Assembly code (ARM Mode), 80

ARMv7 Assembly ...

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