Listing 10-73. CreateUser Stored Procedure

USE [GroupBrush]GOCREATE Procedure [dbo].[CreateUser](@Name nchar(100),@Password nchar(255),@UserId int output)AsBeginDeclare @ReturnValue int = -1If Exists(Select 1 From dbo.Users Where Name = @Name)Begin        Set @ReturnValue = 1EndElseBegin        Declare @UserIds Table (userId int)        INSERT INTO [dbo].[Users]                           ([Name]                           ,[Password])                Output Inserted.UserId Into @UserIds(userId)                 VALUES                           (@Name                           ,@Password)        Select @ReturnValue = 0, @UserId = userId From @UserIdsEndReturn @ReturnValueEndGO

Listing 10-74. ValidateUser Stored Procedure

USE [GroupBrush]GOCREATE ...

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