22.12. Programming with LINQ to DataSet

You have seen in this chapter that you can manipulate the data within a DataSet in three distinct manners:

  • By using the Tables, Rows, and Columns collections

  • By using data table readers

  • By using strongly typed data classes

When you use the various indexers of the DataSet and DataTable type, you can interact with the contained data in a straightforward but loosely typed manner. Recall that this approach requires you to treat the data as a tabular block of cells, as in this example:

static void PrintDataWithIndxers(DataTable dt)
  // Print the DataTable. for (int curRow = 0; curRow < dt.Rows.Count; curRow++) { for (int curCol = 0; curCol < dt.Columns.Count; curCol++) { Console.Write(dt.Rows[curRow][curCol].ToString() ...

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