6.5. The Third Pillar of OOP: C#'s Polymorphic Support

Recall that the Employee base class defined a method named GiveBonus(), which was originally implemented as follows:

public partial class Employee
  public void GiveBonus(float amount)
    currPay += amount;

Because this method has been defined with the public keyword, you can now give bonuses to salespeople and managers (as well as part-time salespeople):

static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("***** The Employee Class Hierarchy *****\n"); // Give each employee a bonus? Manager chucky = new Manager("Chucky", 50, 92, 100000, "333-23-2322", 9000); chucky.GiveBonus(300); chucky.DisplayStats(); Console.WriteLine(); SalesPerson fran = new SalesPerson("Fran", 43, 93, 3000, ...

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