multiplexing with, 113
placing at remote locations, 136
situations where may be implemented, 136
spooling backups via AUX copy, 117
storage connection scenarios, 118
storage resources, 130–136
use of MagLib as temporary storage, 117
vs. CommServe in HDFSs, 174
memory utilization, of backup servers, 252
Metabase Engine, PureDisk, 101
Metabase Server, PureDisk, 101
Microsoft Exchange, 192–198
backing up, 232
use of file-level backups/restores, 195
use of VSS snapshots to restore from, 194
ways backup software performs backups of,
Microsoft Exchange 2003, storage group
architecture, 193
Microsoft Exchange 2010, mail store in, 193
Microsoft Jet database, core of Exchange
running on, 192
Microsoft Windows, installed in remote office
environments, 236
Microsoft Windows storage features,
Windows mount points and links, 158
mirrored stripe, created by RAID 10, 50
monitoring, focus of, 247
monitoring/reporting package, 247–249
optional elements to be monitored, 255
mount paths, 112
increasing the number of, 131
mounting, storage, 58
Mozy, BaaS provider, 204
multi-LUN vs. single LUN performance, 131
multipath I/O (MPIO) drivers, 134, 162
side effect of, 135
multiple media writer environment
challenges associated with growing, 217
deduplication in, 225–233
multiple paths, redundancy provided by, 54
multiplexing, 113
functionality of, 44
illustration of, 113
in NetBackup, 140
multiplexing/multistreaming, in NetBackup, 140
multistreaming, in NetBackup, 140
multistreaming/multiplexing, in NetBackup, 140
multisystem deduplication, 98
NAS protocols, reintroducing, 63
NAS storage, 149
advantages of, 224
comparison of SAN shared storage and, 150
NAS targets, throughput of backups to, 63
NAS-based disk backups, advantages of, 63
NAS-type storage, most environments start
with this, 217
native dump, used by SQL Server, 183
NDMP-based backups, NetBackup support for,
nearline archive, 10–13
NET_BUFFER_SZ, how it works, 143
NetBackup. See also Symantec NetBackup
advantages and disadvantages of RMAN
approach, 190
basic solutions and variations provided by,
database protection in Lotus Notes, 198
Disk Staging Storage Unit (DSSU) provided
by, 216
limitations in, 69
Load Balancing Servers, 99
manual creation of RMAN scripts required
by, 190
methods of implementing target-based
deduplication, 98
methods to provide backups of Exchange,
options provided by, 33
process flow, 34
software distribution, 33
tape drive drivers provided by, 70
tuning and configuration parameters used
by, 139–143
NetBackup 6
data/metadata flow, 30
NetBackup Catalog. See Catalog
NetBackup client deduplication, to deduplicated
Media Server, 96

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