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Elad Elrom, Pro MEAN Stack Development, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2044-3_10

10. Platform Deployment

Elad Elrom

(1)New York, USA

In this chapter, we will be deploying our Node.js and AngularJS applications on production. AngularJS is the front-end side, while Node.js is often used for building the service layer, which can be used by any device, as we have seen throughtout this book. In order to illustrate the process of deploying our app and the service layer to a server or to an application store such as Apple App Store, we would use the Node.js and AngularJS seed projects. We will be covering the same tools we have been covering throughout the book, such as Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, and Webpack, as well as deployment of the Cordova app ...

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