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Vasan Subramanian, Pro MERN Stack, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2653-7_9

9. Forms

Vasan Subramanian

(1)Bangalore, Karnataka, India

User input is an important part of any web application, and the Issue Tracker is no different. We had some user input when we used a form to create a new issue. But it was very rudimentary, and it did not demonstrate how forms are supposed to be dealt with in React.

In this chapter, we’ll start taking in a lot more user input. We will convert the hard-coded filter to something more flexible with user input, and then we’ll fill in the Edit page with a form, and finally, we’ll add the ability to delete issues from the Issue List page. To be able to do this, we’ll also have to modify the back-end APIs to support ...

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