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Andy Syrewicze and Richard SiddawayPro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4116-5_12

12. Clustering Hyper-V Guests

Andy Syrewicze1  and Richard Siddaway2
Jenison, MI, USA
Baston, Lincolnshire, UK

You’ve seen, in Chapter 10, how to cluster Hyper-V hosts to provide high availability to your virtual machines (VMs). In this chapter, we’ll look at clustering Hyper-V guests. Rather than clustering the hosts, we’ll cluster the VMs running on your hosts. Clustering at the level of the guest machines provides an additional level of resiliency and protection for your VMs. Just as you can’t have too much protection when rock climbing, your business-critical applications can never be overprotected. ...

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