Pro OpenSolaris: A New Open Source OS for Linux Developers and Administrators

Book description

OpenSolaris is a rapidly evolving operating system with roots in Solaris 10, suitable for deployment on laptops, desktop workstations, storage appliances, and data center servers from the smallest single-purpose systems to the largest enterprise-class systems. The growing OpenSolaris community now has hundreds of thousands of participants and users in government agencies, commercial businesses, and universities, with more than 100 user groups around the world contributing to the use and advancement of OpenSolaris. New releases of OpenSolaris become available every six months, with contributions from both Sun engineers and OpenSolaris community members; this book covers the OpenSolaris 2008.11 release.

Pro OpenSolaris was written to demonstrate that you can host your open source applications and solutions on OpenSolaris, taking advantage of its advanced features such as containers and other forms of virtualization, the ZFS file system, and DTrace. It's assumed that you are already fairly knowledgeable about developing on Linux systems, so the authors give an overview of the similarities and differences between Linux and OpenSolaris, and then present details on how to use the Service Management Facility (SMF), ZFS, zones, and even a bit of DTrace. They also provide pointers to the many project communities associated with new OpenSolaris features. Special focus is given to web development using familiar applications such as Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL, along with the NetBeans IDE, and showing you how to exploit some of OpenSolaris's unique technologies.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Titlepage
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Authors
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Introduction
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. How This Book Is Structured
    3. Prerequisites
    4. Downloading the Code
    5. Contacting the Authors
  11. Part 1 Getting Started
    1. CHAPTER 1 Introducing OpenSolaris
      1. The True Name of Open Source Software
      2. What You'll Find and Learn in This Book
      3. The Origin of OpenSolaris
      4. Goals and Future Directions
      5. That Troublesome CDDL License
      6. The OpenSolaris Community:
      7. Essential URLs
      8. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 2 The Advantages of Developing with OpenSolaris
      1. OpenSolaris Qualities
      2. OK, It's Like Linux. So What?
      3. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 3 Getting and Installing OpenSolaris
      1. Installation Choices
      2. Checking Your System
      3. Live CD Booting
      4. Direct "Bare-Metal" Installation
      5. Multiboot Installation
      6. Installing OpenSolaris as a Guest VM (Recommended)
      7. Are We There Yet?
      8. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 4 A Familiar User and Developer Environment and More
      1. At Home with GNOME
      2. The CLI, for the GUI-averse
      3. To su, or Not to sudo?
      4. Boot and Reboot
      5. Other Administrative Tasks
      6. Summary
  12. Part 2 Working with OpenSolaris
    1. CHAPTER 5 SMF: The Service Management Facility
      1. What's a Service?
      2. Creating Your Own Services
      3. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 6 The ZFS File System
      1. Exploring the Basic ZFS Features
      2. Creating and Managing ZFS Storage Pools
      3. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 7 OpenSolaris and Virtualization
      1. Zones and Containers
      2. Summary
  13. Part 3 Exploiting OpenSolaris's Unique Features
    1. CHAPTER 8 A Development Environment on OpenSolaris
      1. Introducing the Web Stack and AMP
      2. Getting the AMP Stack
      3. Making a Case for Containers
      4. Building Applications for a Container Environment
      5. Installing Tomcat in a Container
      6. Installing MySQL
      7. Taking a Quick Tour of NetBeans IDE
      8. Using Subversion
      9. Integrating NetBeans with Other Products
      10. Putting It All Together with IPS
      11. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 9 Innovative OpenSolaris Features
      1. DTrace
      2. The Tracker Utility: Where's That File?
      3. The OpenSolaris Distro Constructor
      4. The Device Driver Utility
      5. And Now for a Little Entertainment
      6. OpenSolaris Educational Resources
      7. Summary
  14. Part 4 Appendixes
    1. APPENDIX A Recommended Reading and Viewing
      1. Books
      2. Blogs and Wikis
      3. Developer Resources
      4. Learning and Training
      5. Linux to OpenSolaris Translation
      6. Newsletter
      7. User Groups
      8. Videos
      9. Web Sites
      10. White Papers
    2. APPENDIX B OpenSolaris 2009.06
      1. SPARC Support
      2. Project Crossbow
      3. Encrypted ZFS File System
      4. CUPS Printing
      5. Other Anticipated Features
  15. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Pro OpenSolaris: A New Open Source OS for Linux Developers and Administrators
  • Author(s): Harry J. Foxwell PhD, Christine Tran
  • Release date: April 2009
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430218913