Appendix B. Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PECL on Linux

In Appendix A, we saw how to install a full WAMP stack on Windows. In this appendix, we will show you how to install the equivalent LAMP stack on Linux.

Because there are many flavors and variations of Linux, we will focus on the two largest distributions:

  • RPM/yum–based in the form of Fedora 14, which is representative of Red Hat–, CentOS-, and Fedora-based distributions

  • Debian-based (Ubuntu 10.10)

By focusing on these two major platforms, we hope to cover the majority of Linux-based development workstation setups, as the focus of the book is on the developer.

Fedora 14

Fedora is an RPM/yum–based Linux distribution, developed by the Fedora Project and supported by Red Hat. Fedora shares a ...

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