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Fernando Doglio, Pro REST API Development with Node.js, 10.1007/978-1-4842-0917-2_6

6. Planning Your REST API

Fernando Doglio

(1)La Paz, Canelones, Uruguay

You’re almost ready to get your hands dirty and start developing the actual API; but before you start, let’s apply everything I’ve talked about until this point:

  • REST

  • Defining what an ideal RESTful architecture should look like

  • Good practices when developing an API

  • Modules that would help achieve that ideal goal

In this chapter, I’ll set up the ground work for the final development this book will take you through:

  • I’ll define a specific problem to solve.

  • You’ll create a written specification for it, writing down the list of resources and endpoints.

  • To help understand how all ...

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