Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009

Book description

The market for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is expanding rapidly, constituting billions of dollars annually. As more organizations adopt RFID solutions and related equipment, the need to route, map, and execute workflows based on RFID data grows exponentially. Microsoft's solution to this demand is BizTalk RFID, an application built to distribute, track, analyze, and provide visibility into enterprise data collected using RFID technologies. To aid in the rapid understanding and adoption of BizTalk RFID, this book's authors have joined together to present Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009, the definitive resource for unlocking the potential of the application.

With extensive code and configuration examples and multiple case studies illustrating how this application is being used in various industries, authors Ram Venkatesh, the lead developer of the BizTalk RFID platform, Mark Simms, a leading architect and developer of BizTalk RFID solutions, and Mark Beckner, a BizTalk Server and enterprise architecture specialist, ensure that you will gain the insight and master the tools necessary to be able to confidently and efficiently implement a BizTalk RFID solution.

What you'll learn

  • Understand RFID BizTalk application design and architecture.

  • Build and develop an RFID BizTalk solution.

  • Explore in-depth analysis and examples for event and command processing.

  • Utilize and implement Mobile RFID solutions.

  • Instantiate workflows with the core BizTalk engine's adapters and orchestrations.

  • Validate and route data using the Business Rules Engine.

  • Integrate with MSMQ, WCF, web services, and external applications to ensure enterprise adoption.

  • Understand guidelines around testing, deploying, and managing RFID BizTalk solutions.

  • Store and access RFID-related metrics.

  • Learn how the technology is being applied across numerous industries through extensive real-world case studies.

  • Who this book is for

    This book is for solution architects, application developers, and IT administrators involved in the development and deployment of Microsoft BizTalk RFID solutions. The essential reference for covering the vital aspects of building solutions with Microsoft BizTalk RFID, adding crucial real-world context and experience to the standard product documentation, this book will cover the end-to-end BizTalk RFID experience: learning, developing, deploying, and managing. Readers at any level of experience should expect to walk away with concrete, tangible actions that can be taken to achieve success with any BizTalk RFID implementation.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Dedication
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Contents
    5. Foreword
    6. About the Authors
    7. About the Technical Reviewer
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Introduction
    10. CHAPTER 1: RFID Background Primer
      1. Tracking Stuff: Eyeballs and Lasers
      2. Introducing Radio Frequency Identification
      3. Cutting Through the Hype
      4. Electronic Product Code Class 1 Generation 2
      5. Applying RFID
      6. Conclusion
    11. CHAPTER 2: BizTalk RFID Architecture and Installation
      1. The BizTalk RFID Process Architecture
      2. The BizTalk RFID Device Model
      3. The BizTalk RFID Device Model for Applications
      4. Installing BizTalk RFID
      5. Conclusion
    12. CHAPTER 3: The RFID “Hello World” Application
      1. Overview
      2. Using the Device Simulator
      3. Creating a Device in BizTalk RFID
      4. Conclusion
    13. CHAPTER 4: Using RFID Manager
      1. Overview of RFID Manager
      2. Managing Providers
      3. Managing Device Groups
      4. Managing Devices
      5. Managing Processes
      6. Conclusion
    14. CHAPTER 5: Asynchronous Event Processing in BizTalk RFID
      1. What Is a BizTalk RFID Process?
      2. Hands-On Exercises
      3. Event Processing Application Model
      4. Executing RFID Processes
      5. Conclusion
    15. CHAPTER 6: Command Processing
      1. Connecting BizTalk RFID to Your Application
      2. Device Management
      3. Vendor Commands
      4. Common Tasks
      5. Conclusion
    16. CHAPTER 7: BizTalk RFID Mobile
      1. BizTalk RFID Mobile Architecture
      2. Installing BizTalk RFID Mobile
      3. Creating a BizTalk RFID Mobile Application
      4. Asynchronous Event Notification
      5. Integration with BizTalk RFID Server
      6. Tag Data Encoding and Translation
      7. Conclusion
    17. CHAPTER 8: Integrating with BizTalk Server
      1. Publishing Events to BizTalk Server
      2. Calling the BizTalk BRE
      3. Calling a BizTalk RFID Web Service Proxy from an Orchestration
      4. Conclusion
    18. CHAPTER 9: Direct Communication with Enterprise Applications
      1. Integrating with SQL Server Reporting Services
      2. Connecting to BizTalk RFID via Remote Machines
      3. Integrating with SharePoint 2007
      4. Conclusion
    19. CHAPTER 10: Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
      1. Setting the Stage: Tools and Techniques
      2. Peeking Inside a BizTalk RFID Application
      3. Troubleshooting BizTalk RFID
      4. Conclusion
    20. CHAPTER 11: Enterprise Planning and Deployment
      1. From Development to Production
      2. Planning for Disaster Recovery
      3. Enterprise Deployment
      4. Enterprise Monitoring
      5. Conclusion
    21. CHAPTER 12: BizTalk RFID Recipes
      1. 12.1. Transport Protocols Within Event Handlers
      2. 12.2. RFID Data, XML, and SQL Server
      3. 12.3. Debugging Tips
      4. 12.4. Integration with BizTalk EDI Functionality
      5. 12.5. Creating an XSD Based on BizTalk RFID XML
      6. Conclusion
    22. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: February 2009
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781430218371