Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure: SQL Server in the Cloud, Second Edition

Book description

Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure, 2nd Edition shows how to create enterprise-level database deployments without the usual investment in datacenter and other infrastructure. Take advantage instead of Microsoft's worldwide backbone for cloud computing that delivers all the power of SQL Server in the form of the cloud-based SQL Database for Windows Azure. You can create and deploy a database in mere minutes that is accessible worldwide and takes advantage of SQL Database's high-availability features to protect your data while ensuring 99.9% uptime.

SQL Azure is ideally suited for startups, who can benefit from instant access to a robust and secure web-accessible database platform for use in rapidly deploying new products to market. SQL Azure is also ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, giving them the same ability to deploy SQL Server as any large enterprise, but without the management overhead. Even large enterprises find SQL Azure useful in creating failover environments, development environments, extra capacity to handle surges in demand, and more.

Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure covers the very latest in Microsoft's fast-moving, cloud platform, showing how to program and administer it in a variety of cloud computing scenarios. You'll learn to program SQL Azure from ASP.NET, from WinForms, and from SQL Reporting Services. You'll learn to manage the platform by planning for scalability, troubleshooting performance issues, and implementing strong security. You'll learn the unique aspects of SQL Azure such as sharding and federation support that combine to place SQL Azure a step above and ahead of the competiton.

  • Shows how to use SQL Azure from classic Windows applications, ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation

  • Covers management, performance, scalability, and troubleshooting

  • Addresses the all-important issue of securing your data

  • Helps you properly design for high-performance in a cloud environment

  • Helps you adopt the new Federations feature in SQL Azure

  • What you'll learn

  • Create and manage SQL Database for Windows Azure databases

  • Access SQL Azure from WinForms, ASP.NET, Reporting Services, and more

  • Optimize database design for Azure's distributed cloud platform

  • Share data between databases using SQL Database's Data Synch Service

  • Secure data from intrusion and unauthorized access

  • Learn strategies for data migration and backup

  • Who this book is for

    Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure, 2nd Edition is aimed at developers and database administrators desiring instant access to a fully-capable SQL Server database environment without the pain of sorting out and managing the physical infrastructure.

    Table of contents

    1. Title
    2. Dedication
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Contents
    5. Foreword
    6. About the Authors
    7. About the Technical Reviewer
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Introduction
    10. Chapter 1: Getting Started with SQL Database
      1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
      2. Discovering the Microsoft Azure Platform
      3. SQL Database Primer
      4. Limitations in SQL Database
      5. Summary
    11. Chapter 2: Design Considerations
      1. Design Factors
      2. Design Patterns
      3. Combining Patterns
      4. Sample Design: Application SLA Monitoring
      5. Other Considerations
      6. Summary
    12. Chapter 3: Security
      1. Overview
      2. Securing Your Data
      3. Access Control
      4. Compliance
      5. Summary
    13. Chapter 4: Data Migration and Backup Strategies
      1. Migrating Databases and Data to SQL Azure
      2. SQL Azure Backup Strategies
      3. Summary
    14. Chapter 5: Programming with SQL Database
      1. Application Deployment Factors
      2. Connecting to SQL Database
      3. WCF Data Services
      4. Best Practices
      5. Summary
    15. Chapter 6: SQL Reporting
      1. SQL Reporting Overview
      2. Provisioning Your SQL Reporting Server
      3. Creating a Report
      4. Deploying the Report
      5. Security
      6. Using the Management Portal
      7. Pricing
      8. Summary
    16. Chapter 7: SQL Data Sync
      1. Understanding SQL Data Sync
      2. Configuring Synchronization
      3. Data Sync Limitations
      4. Data Sync Best Practices
      5. Summary
    17. Chapter 8: Windows Azure and ASP.NET
      1. Creating a Cloud Service
      2. Creating a Windows Azure Project
      3. Deploying an ASP.NET Application in Windows Azure
      4. Summary
    18. Chapter 9: Designing for High Performance
      1. General Performance Concepts
      2. Building a Shard
      3. Managing a Shard
      4. Designing a Multitenant System
      5. Creating Vertical Partition Shards
      6. Big Data with Hadoop for Windows Azure
      7. Summary
    19. Chapter 10: Federations
      1. Introducing Federations
      2. Managing Federations
      3. Advanced Considerations
      4. Summary
    20. Chapter 11: Performance Tuning
      1. What’s Different with SQL Database
      2. Tuning Techniques
      3. Summary
    21. Chapter 12: Windows Azure Mobile Services
      1. Getting Started
      2. Data
      3. Advanced Settings
      4. Summary
    22. Appendix A: SQL Database Management Portal
      1. Launching the Management Portal
      2. Administration Features
      3. Design Features
      4. Summary
    23. Appendix B: Windows Azure SQL Database Quick Reference
      1. Supported T-SQL Statements
      2. Partially Supported T-SQL Statements
      3. Unsupported T-SQL Statements
      4. Supported Data Types
    24. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure: SQL Server in the Cloud, Second Edition
    • Author(s): Scott Klein, Herve Roggero
    • Release date: December 2012
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781430243953