Then, connect to the server as user: smurf using SSMS and default database to localDb and try to run the procedure. You will notice that the connection isn’t to the contained database; it is to the server and you are in the context of the contained database. Using EXECUTE AS will give you the same effect:

EXECUTE AS USER = ’PapaSmurf’;goEXECUTE dbo.ExternalDb$TestCrossDatabase;GOREVERT;GO

You will see that it behaves the exact same way and gives you a result to the query. However, connecting with a contained user is a different challenge. First, create a contained user, and then give it rights to execute the procedure:

CREATE USER Gargamel WITH PASSWORD = ’Nasty1$’;GOGRANT EXECUTE ON dbo.ExternalDb$TestCrossDatabase to Gargamel;

Next, change ...

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