9.4. RadColorPicker

The RadColorPicker control allows users to select a color in the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) or hexadecimal (HEX) color spaces in a very easy way. You can configure it to show different types of color selectors using the property PaletteMode, and you can specify one of the many built-in color palettes or build your own.

RadColorPicker can be configured appear when a page is loaded or as a drop-down. It features an empty color button that will erase the previous color selection and a preview mode of the color before selecting it.

The example in Listing 9-13 shows how to configure RadColorPicker, and Figure 9-22 shows the example running.

Example 9.13. Configuring RadColorPicker
ASPX Page <table> <tr> <td>Show As DropDown:</td> ...

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