Chapter 3: Getting into Editing

In This Chapter

check.png Working with clips

check.png Using Edit commands

check.png Editing clips

check.png Working with looped material

Pro Tools offers you many options for editing the audio files in your sessions, include cutting file segments, copying them, pasting them, clearing them, basting them, and marinating them. (Okay, maybe not the last two, but you get the point.) You can also edit by trimming segments, moving them, aligning them, locking them, and so on.

In this chapter, you discover the many Edit commands of Pro Tools and you begin to edit clips — the term for audio file segments — using the various Edit functions that Pro Tools is famous for. I also fill you in on creating loops you can use to build your song (if that’s the way you want to work).

Editing Clips

Clips are the defined areas of the track in which you do your editing. Each audio file is represented in your session by a clip (or series of clips). A clip can be the entire file, or it can be bits and pieces of a file. When you edit in Pro Tools, you’re not actually making any changes to the audio file. (Later in ...

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