Chapter 4: Adding to Your Editing Palette

In This Chapter

check.png Getting to know the Smart tool

check.png Fixing waveforms

check.png Silencing clips

check.png Using processing plug-ins

check.png Performing fades and crossfades

Aside from the basic editing methods — the ones I describe in the first three chapters of this mini-book — Pro Tools offers some extra goodies that can make the editing process easier. And what might I mean by goodies? In this particular case, I’m talking about the aptly named Smart tool, the Pencil tool, processing plug-ins, fades, and crossfades. This chapter lays out these tools and helps turn you into a Pro Tools editing pro (or at least an informed amateur).

Signing On to the Smart Tool

The Smart tool in Pro Tools is, well, smart. This tool consists of three tools I describe in Chapter 3 in this mini-book — the Trimmer, the Selector, and the Grabber. But the Smart Tool is more than just these three tools. The Smart tool actually changes how it works, depending on what you try to do with it. For example, ...

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