Chapter 5

Recording Audio


check Recording a track

check Recording multiple tracks

check Playing back audio

check Recording additional tracks

Recording audio is what Pro Tools does best. (Well, that and editing it. See Book 5.) This chapter guides you through recording single and multiple tracks from analog and digital sources — as well as playing back all that stuff. In this chapter, you also discover the home recordist’s best way to create full-blown songs: overdubbing, or adding tracks to those you already recorded. I guarantee that you’ll use overdubbing a lot, so I spend a fair amount of time getting you up to speed on the best (and easiest) ways to overdub in Pro Tools.

Recording Tracks

Recording audio tracks in Pro Tools requires that you first choose your Record mode, create a track, set levels, enable recording, and turn on a click track (if you’re using one). These steps are all covered in detail in the previous chapter in this mini-book, but you’ll also find a basic overview of these topics in this section.

After you have all these steps taken care of, you’re ready to record ...

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