Chapter 2

Selecting Material to Edit


check Selecting parts of clips

check Changing and extending selections

check Playing selections

Before you can edit any audio clips, you have to make a selection. Pro Tools offers many ways to select material. You can select from a single track, grouped tracks, or the entire track list. You can select from a track’s playlist or from the Timeline ruler. And you can make adjustments to the length and position of the selected material. All these options are covered in this chapter.

Selecting Track Material

image When you select material to edit, the selection becomes highlighted. And, if you have the Edit and Timeline Selection Linked option chosen, you see little arrows in the Timeline ruler designating the Start and End points of the selection. Figure 2-1 shows a selection, whereas you can see the handy Link Timeline and Edit Selection button right here in the margin. The arrows are blue if no tracks are enabled for recording and red if tracks are enabled for recording.

FIGURE 2-1: With Edit and Timeline selections linked, arrows in the Timeline ruler ...

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