Chapter 5

Singling Out Signal Processors


check Understanding and using effects in Pro Tools

check Getting to know reverb

check Introducing delays

check Examining offline effects processing

Unless you record your songs using a live band in a perfect acoustic environment, your music will sound a little flat without the addition of some type of effects. Effects allow you to make your music sound like you recorded it in just about any environment possible. You can make your drums sound as if they were recorded in a cathedral or your vocals sound as if you were singing underwater. Effects can also make you sound “better” than the real you. For example, you can add harmony parts to your lead or backup vocals, or you can make your guitar sound like you played it through any number of great amplifiers.

In this chapter, you discover many of the most common effects processors used in recording studios. (Signal processors are the neat software plug-ins behind all the effects you can achieve in your Pro Tools studio.) You discern the difference between insert (that is, line) effects and send/return ...

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