Chapter 2

Getting Your Music on the Internet


check Understanding MP3 and AAC

check Finding a music host site

check Formatting your music for the Internet

check Using the Internet to promote your music

To make it as a musician, you have to get the word out that you and your music exist. Traditionally, you played gigs, sold your CDs at these gigs, and tried to get your music in local stores and on local radio. If you were lucky, you’d sell a few CDs at each gig, move a handful of others through local outlets, and maybe get some radio play on a college station. Forget getting any national exposure unless you had developed a following and had a busy touring schedule.

That’s the way it used to play, but now the Internet makes it possible for any musician to get national — even international — exposure without going on the road (as much). All you have to do is get your music on the Internet and promote it well. You can then make money from your music while you sleep (or at least make your music available while you sleep).

So how do you do this? Well, that’s the purpose of this chapter. Here, ...

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