Basic Syntax

PROC TABULATE <option(s)> <STYLE=style-override(s)>;
BY <DESCENDING> variable-1 <<DESCENDING> variable-2 ...> <NOTSORTED>;
CLASS variable(s) </ option(s)> <STYLE=style-override(s)>;
CLASSLEV variable(s) <STYLE=style-override(s)>;
FREQ variable;
KEYLABEL keyword-1='description-1' <keyword-2='description-2' ...>;
KEYWORD keyword(s) <STYLE=style-override(s)>;
TABLE <<page-expression,> row-expression,> column-expression </ table-option(s)>;
VAR analysis-variable(s) </ option(s)> <STYLE=style-override(s)>;
WEIGHT variable;
Much of this syntax is not required. Each TABULATE procedure requires only a TABLE statement and either a CLASS or VAR statement.
The various options available under PROC TABULATE are listed on the following ...

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