M8.4. Effect of Reactor Scale

In this section we study the effect of reactor size on the steady-state and dynamic behavior of the reactor. Each reactor is designed with a residence time of 15 minutes, with a desired conversion of 50% (CA = 0.066 lbmol/ft3), resulting in a reactor temperature of 101.1°F.

Reactor Scale

Consider now the following reactors, operated at 85% of the design volume.

Reactor Volume (nominal)100 ft35000 gallon (668 ft3)
Heat transfer area88 ft2309 ft2
Diameter4 ft7.5 ft
Operating Volume, V85 ft3500 ft3
Operating Flowrate, F340 ft3/hr2000 ft3/hr
UA6600 Btu/hr °F23200 Btu/hr °F

Problem M8.2 Steady-State Jacket Temperatures

Find the steady-state jacket temperatures for the 100 ft3 and 5000 gallon reactors.

Solution: Substituting ...

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