Student Exercises

1:Consider Example 15.1. Assume that the isothermal CSTR has perfect level control; that is, the volume is constant. The CSTR contains 200 moles, and the reaction rate constant is 0.6 hr-1. Verify the results shown in Figures 15-3, 15-4 and 15-5.
2:Consider Example 15.1. Revise Figure 15-7 to obtain the following alternative control strategy. Draw the control instrumentation diagram obtained by fixing the flow rate of stream 3 (between the CSTR and column) by using a flow controller on stream 3, and to control the CSTR volume by manipulating the fresh make-up (stream 1) flow rate.
3:Consider the MPN example. Alternative 2 is shown here. Now, consider the use of a reactor concentration sensor. Let the reactor concentration controller ...

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