Processing and Arduino in Tandem

Video description

Create your own drawing and animation software—and learn basic programming and electronics skills at the same time. This five-session video course introduces you to two simple tools: Processing, a programming language for visual thinkers, and Arduino, a hardware platform for working with electronics. You’ll learn how to use these tools together to build something useful right away.

Presented by creativeLIVE in partnership with O’Reilly, each session offers easy-to-follow, hands-on lessons. You don’t need programming or electronics experience to get started. Processing is easy to learn, and you’ll get to know Arduino with a starter kit. It’s a fun and inspiring way for designers, artists, and beginning programmers to learn basic graphics programming.

  • Learn to create basic software applications with the Processing language
  • Make your own drawing and animation tools
  • Create a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to control your software
  • Work with an Arduino microcontroller to provide the physical controls for your drawing and animation tools
  • Work with Mac OS X, Linux, or a Windows PC with Windows XP or Windows 7

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Table of contents

  1. Get Started with Processing and Arduino (Overview)
    1. Example files for Week 1 00:00:32
    2. Introduction 00:05:34
    3. Installing and Running Processing 00:06:58
    4. Installing and Running the Arduino IDE 00:12:35
    5. Installing the Arduino Library in Processing 00:20:54
  2. Build a Drawing Application
    1. Example files for Week 2 00:00:32
    2. Create a Basic Drawing Program 00:14:43
    3. Add Color and Style 00:12:01
    4. Begin to Create a GUI 00:16:25
    5. Add Sliders to Control Color 00:28:22
    6. Finish the Drawing Tool 00:25:47
  3. Create an Animation Application
    1. Example files for Week 3 00:00:32
    2. Build from the Drawing Tool 00:05:25
    3. Begin Adding Animation 00:20:06
    4. Record and Play Back a Gesture 00:24:36
    5. Add Color Properties 00:12:49
    6. Animate the Recorded Gesture 00:07:17
    7. Draw Multiple Gestures in Time 00:20:12
    8. Record Video Files 00:21:34
  4. Construct a Physical Interface
    1. Example files for Week 4 00:00:32
    2. Assemble the Project Box 00:15:28
    3. Add a breadboard and an Arduino 00:10:54
    4. Attach the components to the lid 00:16:44
    5. Hook up the wires inside the box 00:28:09
    6. Hook up the potentiometers, switches and LEDs 00:17:06
    7. Test the project box in Processing 00:08:52
    8. Control the Animation Tool with the projBox 00:19:06
  5. Expand the Animation Application into 3D
    1. Example files for Week 5 00:00:32
    2. Integrate the OpenGL Library 00:10:20
    3. Draw Shapes in 3D 00:21:17
    4. Add Drift to your Animation 00:12:50
    5. Further Integrate the projBox 00:13:35
    6. Add a Rotation Motion Effect 00:10:56
    7. Add a Sine and Cosine Based Motion Effect 00:12:13
    8. Add a Brownian Motion Effect 00:09:07
    9. Wrap Up and Q&A 00:09:10

Product information

  • Title: Processing and Arduino in Tandem
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920013686