Appendix D

Screening List

The following is a partial list of recommended short films. Many can be found on DVD collections, iTunes, or YouTube.


The Lunch Date. Written and directed by Adam Davidson, 12 minutes, B&W, Academy Award—Best Live Action Film, 1990, USA. A chance encounter between a wealthy suburban woman and a homeless man at a lunch counter in Grand Central Station.

Truman. Written and directed by Howard McCain, 12 minutes, color, 1992, USA. An 11-year-old boy confronts his imaginary fears about climbing a rope in gym class.

Crazy Glue. Adapted and directed by Tatia Rosenthal, 5 minutes, color, 1997, USA. Tatia Rosenthal, Tel: 917-613-2667, An animated clay puppet short adapted from a story by Israeli ...

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