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Producing Animation

Book Description

Drawing heavily from the authors' twenty years of combined experience, Producing Animation offers a clear overview of this exciting industry and a comprehensive guide to the process of developing a project from conception to final delivery. Written from the perspective of a producer, this book offers the foundation of how a project is created in addition to describing the role of the producer at each phase. Answers are provided to many of the most commonly asked questions about animation ranging from how to enter the business to the average cost and schedule for a prime-time animated series.

Producing Animation has the first-of-its-kind comprehensive chart of accounts for animation, named the Animation Budget Builder, which can be individually tailored for each project. Visit www.MovieMagicProducer.com for more details. Students, aspiring producers, investors, television and
studio executives, artists, film line producers wishing to branch into animation, and legal advisors will find this an invaluable tool. The chapters specifically geared to the pre-production, production and postproduction processes offer animation producers a wealth of practical advice. Numerous illustrations outline the different steps of production. Forms the authors have devised to help streamline the process are also included.

Observations from a wide range of industry professionals such as; studio heads, creators, directors, producers, writers and members of the production crew, give the reader insight into what it takes to be successful in this business. The authors' personal anecdotes at key process checkpoints relay firsthand experience, illustrating some of the pitfalls a producer must learn to circumvent. Detailed information on preparing a thorough production plan including the budget, schedule, and crew plan can also be found in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. 1. Introduction
    1. Commonly Asked Questions about Producing Animation
  10. 2. The Animation Producer
    1. What Is an Animation Producer?
      1. Executive Producer
      2. Producer
      3. Line Producer or Co-Producer
      4. Associate Producer
      5. Producer’s Responsibilities
      6. Our Philosophy of the Ideal Producer
    2. What Makes a Good Animation Producer?
    3. The Producer’s Thinking Map
  11. 3. Buying and Selling Projects
    1. Sources for Ideas
    2. The Buyer
      1. Creative Executive
      2. Production Executive
    3. Preparing a Pitch
    4. Pitching
    5. Representation
    6. The Negotiation Process
  12. 4. The Core Team
    1. An Overview of the Core Team
    2. The Role of the Director
      1. Director’s Responsibilities
    3. Visual Development Artists
    4. Business Affairs and Legal Department(s)
    5. The Technology Department
      1. Technical Direction
      2. Systems Administration
      3. Information Systems
      4. Research and Development
    6. Production Accounting
    7. Human Resources
    8. Recruiting
    9. Training
  13. 5. The Development Process
    1. Development Process Overview
    2. The Role of the Producer During Development
    3. Visual Development
    4. The Writing Process
      1. Script Stages
      2. The Feature Script
      3. Writer’s Deals
      4. Production Scripts
  14. 6. The Production Plan
    1. Production Plan Overview
    2. List of Assumptions
    3. Getting Started: The Production Plan
      1. Delivery Date
      2. The Schedule
      3. Project’s Format, Length, and Technique
      4. Complexity Analysis
      5. The Crew Plan
      6. The Level of Talent
      7. The Role of Key Personnel
      8. Creative Checkpoints
      9. Buyer’s Responsibilities
      10. Marketing, Licensing, and Promotions
      11. Payment Schedule
      12. The Physical Production Plan
      13. Training
      14. Relocation Costs
      15. Reference and Research Material
      16. Archival Elements
      17. Contingency
    4. Building the Budget
      1. Chart of Accounts
      2. Cost Reports
  15. 7. The Production Team
    1. The Role of the Producer in Structuring the Production Team
    2. The Production Crew
      1. The Production Manager
      2. Department Supervisor
      3. Production Supervisor
      4. Production Coordinator or Assistant Production Manager (APM)
      5. Script Coordinator
      6. Production Assistant
      7. Production Secretary
    3. Subcontractors
      1. Identifying and Selecting a Subcontractor
      2. Negotiating the Deal
      3. Overseas Supervisors
      4. Material Packages/Shipments
      5. Handing Out the Project
      6. Monitoring the Progress of Production
      7. Receiving Material from the Subcontractor
      8. Expect the Unexpected
  16. 8. Pre-Production
    1. The Role of the Producer During the Pre-Production Phase
    2. Design and Art Direction
      1. The Visual Style Guide
      2. Model Pack
    3. The Voice Track
      1. Casting
      2. Rehearsal
      3. Session Preparation
      4. Recording
    4. Storyboarding
      1. Getting Started
      2. The Three Stages of Storyboarding
    5. Animation Timing
      1. Story Reels and Animatics
      2. Leica Reel
      3. Building the Reel
      4. Executive Screenings
      5. Slugging
      6. Exposure Sheets
    6. Songs
      1. Producing Songs
    7. Title Sequence
    8. Preparing a Shipment: Checking and Route Sheets
  17. 9. Production
    1. The Role of the Producer During the Production Phase
      1. Complexity Analysis
      2. Buyer’s Creative Checkpoints
      3. Ancillary Groups
    2. Traditional/2D Production: From Workbook Through Film/Video Output
      1. Workbook
      2. Workbook Evaluation
      3. Editorial
      4. Layout
      5. Animation
      6. Scene Planning and Scanning
      7. Sweat Box
      8. Blue Sketch and Clean Up Layout
      9. Clean Up Animation
      10. Visual Effects
      11. Background Painting
      12. Animation Checking
      13. Ink and Paint
      14. Final Checking
      15. Compositing/Film Output
    3. 3D Computer Generated Imagery (3D CGI): From Pre-Production Through Final Film/Video Output
      1. Pre-Production Overview
      2. Modeling
      3. Render Tests
      4. Rigging or Kinematics
      5. Skinning
      6. Test Animation
      7. Surfaces (Texturing and Color)
      8. Environment
      9. 3D Workbook
      10. Animation
      11. Lighting
      12. Effects
      13. Rendering
      14. Compositing
      15. Touch Up
      16. Technical Direction
    4. The Making of Bunny
  18. 10. Post-Production
    1. The Role of the Producer During the Post-Production Phase
    2. Music
    3. The Post-Production Process
      1. Locking Picture
      2. Test Screenings
    4. Audio Post-Production
      1. Spotting Sessions
      2. Foley Sessions
      3. Dialogue Editing and ADR
      4. Sound Effects Design and Editing
      5. Music Score Record
      6. Music Mix
      7. Score and Song Editorial
      8. Pre-Mix (Pre-Dub)
      9. Final Mix
      10. Fixes
      11. Print Master
      12. Music and Effects (M&E)
    5. Picture Post-Production
      1. Online Assembly
      2. Negative Cutting
      3. Color Correction
      4. The Element Reel
      5. Credits (Main/Opening and End)
      6. Textless Versions
      7. Picture Quality Control
    6. Final Delivery
      1. Final Quality Control
      2. Release Print (Composite Theatrical Print)
      3. Delivery
  19. 11. Tracking Production
    1. Introduction
    2. Pre-Production
    3. Production
      1. Tracking Subcontractors
      2. Tracking Retakes
    4. Post-Production
  20. Appendix Animation Resources
    1. Producer’s Reference
    2. Art of Animation: Techniques and Processes
    3. General Interest
    4. Scriptwriting
    5. Post-Production
    6. Journals
    7. Key Organizations
  21. Index