Chapter 17

Cultivating Your Product Management Leadership Skills


check Breaking down what makes a great product management leader

check Understanding how your strengths and weaknesses contribute to your leadership style

Your role as a product manager may be a tactical role where you do lots of detail work with the team and make meaningful contributions to the team’s effort. Alternatively, you may step up to be a product leader, creating and driving the strategy while inspiring and guiding the team. For some product managers, the former is what they enjoy best and what leads to a rewarding career. But for other product managers, their passion is leading the team and the overall effort. Stepping up to do so takes a combination of courage, tact, and skill. Although cultivating leadership skills can enhance both career paths, this chapter is particularly targeted toward product managers aspiring to a leadership role with expanded responsibility. The chapter provides some insights into what it takes to develop into a leader.

Identifying Traits of an Effective Product Management Leader

A number of characteristics and abilities turn great product managers into great leaders. Following are the most important ones for you to develop in yourself:

  • Vision: Vision is the propensity ...

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