Chapter 18

Mastering the Art of Persuasion


check Setting a foundation of persuasion strategies

check Selling executives on your ideas

check Working more effectively with engineers

check Arming and leveraging your sales team

Persuasion and influencing are the skills where the rubber meets the road as a product manager. You can do all the excellent work to create a great product strategy and a credible plan, but if you can’t get others to support your efforts, you won’t succeed. Because virtually all product managers are individual contributors and the people they depend on to deliver products don’t report to them, being able to influence without authority is a critical link to your success.

This chapter gives you solid tips on how to be your best persuasive self as well as how to specifically influence the executive board, your development team, and the sales force.

Brushing Up on Persuasion Basics

The foundation of persuasion as a skill is knowing what outcome you want to achieve and then putting together your best arguments and communicating them as effectively as possible. In this ...

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