Chapter 11. Building Platform Services

Platform services are those components that are installed in order to add features to the application platform. They are usually deployed as containerized workloads into some *-system Namespace and are maintained by the platform engineering team. These platform services are distinct from the workloads managed by platform tenants, which are maintained by the application development teams.

The cloud native ecosystem is rich with projects you can use as part of your application platform. Additionally, there are throngs of vendors that will be happy to provide platform service solutions. Use these wherever they pass the cost benefit analysis. They may even take you all the way to your app platform destination. But we have found that it’s common for enterprise users of Kubernetes-based platforms to build custom components. You may have to integrate your Kubernetes-based platform with some existing in-house system. You may have some unique, sophisticated workload requirements to meet. You may have some edge cases to account for that are uncommon or specific to your business needs. Whatever the circumstance, this chapter addresses the details of extending your application platform with custom solutions to fill these gaps.

Central to this notion of building custom platform services is the effort to remove human toil. There is more to this than just automation. Automation is the keystone, but integration of automated components is the mortar. Smooth, ...

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