Chapter 1

What Is Productivity?

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering exactly what productivity is

arrow Recognising the different sources of productivity

arrow Understanding why productivity matters

In basic terms, productivity is a measurement of how efficiently you can convert inputs into outputs. In manufacturing terms, it’s how many units of a good can be produced with a certain amount of raw materials and labour. In personal terms, it relates to how much work you can get done in the time allocated. But these definitions don’t come close to explaining what exactly productivity can do for you, your family or your business. In this chapter, I explain the value and contribution that productivity can make to your life.

Productivity is simply a method to get what you want out of life. It gives you the tools and techniques to not only get the work done but to also get it done while making time for the things you enjoy and value in life. No longer is it necessary to sell your soul to your employer, nor work incessantly to launch a start-up. Working productivity can emphasise your priorities and make sure they’re getting the attention they deserve while eliminating all the time-wasting stuff.

Understanding ...

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