Chapter 3

The Benefits of Productivity

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why productivity is important

arrow Improving work-life balance

arrow Identifying business benefits

Productivity is a word that can have many interpretations. For some, productivity is for governments or senior managers; for others, productivity means the difference between getting home in time to read a bedtime story or not. The reason productivity means so many different things is that it can benefit so many areas of your life.

Finding the Personal Benefits of Productivity

For many years, the word productivity had no place in my life. It was a word from my economics textbooks in college, but it never featured in my life after that. And when I say it didn’t feature, I don’t lie. My chaotic tendencies were strong: clutter, untidiness and mayhem dominated my day-to-day life. Finding productivity for me was a life-changing event, helping me to focus, to prioritise, to schedule and to plan – all seemingly mundane activities that deliver powerful results. Some people find religion; I found productivity.

Reducing the chaos

One of the most noticeable benefits of becoming productive is being able to say goodbye to chaos. When ...

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