Chapter 4

Getting Organised

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the basics of getting organised

arrow Improving your personal surroundings

arrow Making your office space productive

For years, a sentence went around in my head: ‘If only I could get organised’. It was something I never consciously knew I desired, but instinctively I knew it was the solution to my problems. The day I said it aloud, something happened. I experienced a conscious understanding of what was required. An admission of the change that was inevitable was the beginning of a transformation that has brought only positive results. This chapter helps you move toward that.

Clearing the Way

I am naturally a disorganised person. I leave things lying around, not realising I am doing it. I step over mess, my mind miles away. Since getting organised, my life has changed. My natural tendencies haven’t, and the mess still happens regularly, but what has changed is the way I manage myself effectively within the constraints of my personality. I have created systems that help me stay organised and keep the clutter at bay. I have solutions for storing and holding the things that I need. When I pick something up, I know where it goes or what ...

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