Chapter 7

Learning to Focus

In This Chapter

arrow Learning to focus on the right things

arrow Discovering what disturbs your focus

arrow Realising what it takes to stay focused

The ability to focus on the right thing at the right time is a skill too few people have conquered. Master this skill and you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible. Removing the mass of distractions of everyday life is challenging, but it is achievable. In this chapter, you discover what stands in your way and find out how you can minimise the distractions of life and get more done.

Identifying Your Focus

So little time, so much to do. How do you decide what to focus your attention on? What merits your attention, and what deserves to be dropped? Understanding priorities is a challenge for a lot of folks. Distinguishing what you like to do from what you ought to do can be a test in itself before the work has even begun.

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