Chapter 18

Creating a Clutter-Free World

In This Chapter

arrow Living clutter-free with fewer possessions

arrow Discovering decluttering techniques

arrow Figuring out how to keep things in order

More and more people are realising that the accumulation of stuff doesn’t make for a happy life. The workweek is long, and the weekends are spent shopping for things that the media convince people they need. Houses are full of clutter and junk that never gets used, and lives are emptier than ever. It’s time to stop the wheel and get off. In this chapter, I help you embrace a life of simplicity, declutter from house to office and establish and maintain order throughout your life.

Living a Life of Simplicity

How often have you heard someone say he lives a happy, simple life? Simplicity and happiness are often linked. The fewer possessions you have, the less stress and complications you have. On the other hand, the more you have, the more complex your life becomes. In the following sections, you discover how to rid your life of stuff you don’t need, live consciously, develop an attitude of gratitude and take on a minimalist approach.

Ridding your life of stuff

The first step to living a life of simplicity ...

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